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My services

From webdesigning to social media management, I master the entire production chain. And if I don't think I can provide the whole work, my network of partners will allow me to respond favorably to your request.

Web Designing

Website creation under WordPress. Design of showcase sites, blogs & e-commerce sites (with Woocommerce integration).


Inventory and complete analysis of your website .

Update to current standards & graphic charter work.


A maintenance of your website is essential in order to avoid security breaches and a possible hacking. 


Le SEO consists in improving the positioning and visibility of sites in the pages of search engines. This is an essential step following the creation of a website if you want to be found and seen.

Social Network

A good management of your social networks ensures that you take part in the daily life of your audience in a profitable and sustainable way.

Find out who I am and how I got here...

Born in the mid-80s in the east of France, I lived a happy childhood with my 3 brothers and sisters, all younger. My parents are middle class, we live to the rhythm of everyone's sport' activities, especially handball which takes a big place in the family.

After I graduated High School, I decided to follow sport & tourism classes in University of Grenoble. The young adventurer that I am, dreams of travel, of discovery and I'm working on it. A few months of internship in Africa (Burkina Faso), another in the USA (Colorado), the contrast is striking!
  Then comes the age of earning a living. I take this with philosophy and decide to mix pleasure and professionalism. First as a seasonal worker (ski school, management of linguistic sumer camp) then as a sales representative for a famous french guide book (Tanzania, South Africa, Dublin, San Francisco). The years pass and the desire to settle finally reaches me.

This is how I put my suitcases in Lyon in the company of Marie, the wonderful woman I will then marry and start a family with.

I work 3 years as a webmaster/salesperson/producer of sports-themed travels. then for 5 years as campsite general manager. The arrival of our 2 children makes us realize that life is not work and that we must give our boys more time.

In 2018, I am trying an entrepreneurial adventure in assets management. I am passionate about the subject but the development model does not suit me and I am forced to stop for lack of sufficient contacts.

Then comes the project of starting a new life rythm, a life that I could live at full speed with my family !

Web d'un côté, trading et investissements de l'autre, famille au centre, le tout à l'endroit de notre choix ! Et pour l'instant, c'est à Denver dans le Colorado que nos valises sont posées...

My website creations

Ensemble d'écran montrant différents sites web

Showcase sites, blogs, e-commerce site, my young experience has already allowed me to work on the creation of websites as various as exciting !

Whether it's for Carole's showcase site, a chef at home wishing to promote her activity, for Events and Travel, a travel agency specializing in sports themed stays or even for my various personal projects, I always find a particular motivation to work on these sites. 

Let's work together !

Feel free to reach me for your website request as well as for receiving a quote. Find out how I became a Wordpress developper. 

Web Design by Tariop